Somewhere between Seattle and Portland

Picturesque field near the ocean, 2016

Sometimes the best destinations are in-between destinations. On the way to Cannon Beach, we pulled over to check out a glistening grassy field near the water. We descended a ledge, and navigated through puddles. We tried our best to ignore the fact that the tall grass was the ideal habitat for some kind of slithering creature.

Just a short walk away from the highway, and we found ourselves here. The sound of vehicles disappeared. Replaced by the dancing of the tall grass. Hypnotic splashing of moving waters. The warm and gentle salted breeze.

I’ve already forgotten how to get back there. No landmarks. Nothing spectacular. Other than the simple beauty, and the memory it has left behind. I will probably never find my way back to this exact same spot. It’s probably for the best. Some experiences are valuable because it cannot be reproduced. It reminds me that there are destinations in-between destinations.


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