Freshest Blueberry

Fresh blueberries, Northern Mainland BC, Sept 2016

Visited relatives in northern Mainland BC, near the Alaskan border. Roughly an 18 hour drive from Vancouver. 2 weeks before this trip, drove 3000 km to Portland and back. Maxed out on road trips for 2016.  The drive was grueling, but never boring. Mountains and winding roads kept the monotony at bay.

My relatives live on farmland with organic potatoes, corn, and blueberries. Wouldn’t really classify myself as a blueberry lover. There are plenty of other fruits that I would much rather eat.

We settled in after the long drive. Our host offered blueberries, literally by the buckets. I tried a small handful. My eyes lit up, along with my taste buds. Never had blueberries like these before. Grabbed a larger handful. Didn’t think it was possible to enjoy them as much as I did. Breakfast, lunch, dinner for the several days up north.


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